Conclusions about the extended opening hours during exam periods

We would like to thank all the members of the Leiden University Panel for sharing their opinions about extended opening hours. In total, 465 panel members participated in the survey. This survey was only aimed at students who study in Leiden.

The objective of this survey was to find out whether the current situation of extended opening hours during examination periods at Leiden University meets the wishes of students. The locations KOG, KOG Library, Lipsius and Plexus are open until 10 pm in the weekends. In addition, the cafés also have extended openings hours.


The majority of the panel members make use of the university study facilities to study. Students who never make use of the study facilities prefer to study at home. Panel members who study at the university study facilities do this mainly in the afternoon. Half of the students feel that it’s important that the location is open in the evening, but only a small proportion of students are making use of this.

A significant majority of the students are aware of the extended opening hours during the examination period. They were mainly informed about the extended openings hours via the information board or by fellow students. Half of the students feel that the communication concerning the opening times is (very) clear and are satisfied about the way the information is currently communicated. Yet about two fifths does not know exactly which locations are open longer or what the exact opening times are.

The extended openings hours are personally relevant for one third of the students. The most important reasons are that is it less busy, they have more time to study and the flexibility. One third finds the extended opening hours not relevant. They are satisfied with the current opening hours, have exams during other periods, find it too busy (noise, not enough room) or prefer to study in the morning. A third of the students has made use of the extended opening hours; one-in-five intends to do so.

Following these results, the UFB has drawn the following conclusions: